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A look at the path of a Make Your Mark Global author and Global Luminary Academy Graduate.

As a therapist and teacher of Eastern principles, Yvette has spent almost 20 years studying, practicing and teaching these principles in combination with self-development techniques all across the UK. Her work with the Energy Alignment Method has led her to conduct various research projects with over 9000 participants in total.

Having founded a business based on her methodology, The Energy Alignment Method (EAM), when we met Yvette she had such an important message to take to the world’s stages. The Energy Alignment Method, with Yvette’s unique voice, always had the potential to help a vast number of people globally.

As with many of our Global Luminaries, they have something wonderful to share, and just need guidance on getting their work in front of the right audiences.

If you have a message inside of you, then that message already has an audience out there waiting for it. Our work with you is to help you hone that message, and turn it into a media-friendly beacon for your tribe. When others recognize themselves in your words, they will find you much faster, and you can then help them sooner.

We’ve found that this is what Lightworkers need from us, and we love connecting messengers with their tribes.

The Global Luminary Journey begins…

We first met Yvette two years ago at Expert Empires in London. For anyone wondering if attending large scale entrepreneur’s event is a worthwhile investment of their time and money — the answer is yes it is, if you use the opportunity to network. Had Yvette not spoken to us that day, we may never have met her.

With storytelling, speech crafting and a good base of media prep under her belt, the next big landmark on her Global Luminary journey was to get her prepped for a media appearance. This came in the form of a co-host spot on a US radio show, which gave her that step up to a global platform.

As with many Make Your Mark Global students, Yvette first trained with us on our 5 Steps to Media Success course and our Stories With Soul 2 day workshop. She also joined us live for our annual Speak From The Heart training, to get some stage experience, coaching and feedback from me.

Coming from the UK and breaking into a bigger country’s audience can be a difficult, costly and time-consuming feat. Leveraging media in this way is one of the best things you can do for your brand.

Publishing and PR

Like many of our superstar students, Yvette’s journey also included publishing. Becoming a published author is an ideal way to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

We advise starting out by contributing to one of our group books, as it gives you the opportunity to add “published author” to your bio, without the large time and financial investment of creating your own book from scratch. For Yvette, that book was Time to Rise, where she shared a deeply personal story in her chapter, A Letter to My Younger Self.

As with all of our MYMG co-authors, that story became an interview on YouTube that was then shared to our many platforms, giving a visibility boost across the globe.

Sharing something personal from your journey to where you are today, as an expert showcasing your brand, can seem counter-intuitive to some people. Certainly the old school model of PR, and the ones many politicians still employ today, is all about glossing over the indiscretions of our youth and showing only our best, most professional side. But the PR of today, especially in the world of Lightwork, coaching and personal growth, is to be open about our whole journey.

It’s this kind of honesty and authenticity that grows trust in your audience and helps them warm to you as a person, as well as the face of your own brand.

When you are ready to share your whole story authentically, then in my opinion, you are ready to start helping your audience on a big scale.

If you have ever looked at the journeys of the great Luminaries in the Lightworker field, such as Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, or the late Wayne Dyer, then you will have seen this authenticity too. The power is in the vulnerability and the willingness to show their whole, messy, human experience, along with the skills and insights we admire them for.

The truth is, we admire the vulnerability just as much!

Your book is more than a line on your bio. Books are an excellent marketing tool; from new people finding you organically on Amazon, to the marketing and PR provided for you by us as a MYMG co-author.

There is quite a popular assumption among society that becoming a published author is the pinnacle of fame, and that’s where the journey wraps up. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. A true Global Luminary’s journey never ends, only evolves to reach further and help more and more of their audience.

I’m so proud of her amazing progress and deserved success! I can’t wait to see how far she goes!

To learn more about the Global Luminary Academy and being mentored by Dr. Andrea Pennington, head here.

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